Real Estate Co-Counsel Services

Are you a solo practitioner or small firm who could use help with real estate legal services?

You may find that your client matters require legal counsel outside of your normal practice area. Or maybe you’re overflowing with work and could use a little assistance. This can cost you time, money, and sometimes even client satisfaction.

Partnering with a known and trusted attorney with specialized real estate knowledge can benefit both you and your clients. You can save valuable time and resources without compromising client satisfaction.

Our team of experienced real estate attorneys can help with real estate legal services throughout the state of Arkansas.  We can offer you or your firm co-counsel services on a wide range of real estate legal matters.

We have decades of experience in all areas of real estate law, and we routinely encounter and resolve real estate legal issues. By engaging us as co-counsel on your real estate matters, you will be able to provide our reliable expertise to your clients.

If real estate law isn’t your specialty and you have a real estate matter with which we can help, please reach out to us. This partnership will allow you to devote more of your time and attention to your area(s) of expertise.

Areas with which we can assist include:

  • Quiet title
  • Deeds-in-lieu
  • Title curative
  • Easements and ingress/egress issues
  • Boundary line disputes
  • Eminent domain
  • A variety of real estate litigation matters


For more information, please reach out to Aaron Squyres, Managing Partner, at (501) 734-4066 or via email:

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