Whether you are a prospective parent looking to adopt a child, or you’re a relative who needs to adopt a family member, we can help. As you begin the adoption process, make it your goal to learn everything you can, develop relationships with trusted professionals on whom you can rely, and enjoy the adventure. This is one of the most significant events in your life, and it is important to ensure that it is done correctly. We have the knowledge and understanding to assist with the below types of adoption legal representation, and we can ensure the process is completed as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Adoptive Parents

Adoption is a wonderful way to expand your family and your life. This is an emotional process, but also a legal process. Adoptions can often have many variables.  Some adoptions go relatively smoothly while others need additional time and care.  The expertise of a trusted professional is highly valuable for the adoption process to ensure all legal requirements are met. Our adoption attorney, Keith Morrison, has completed several hundred successful adoptions. He has many years of experience and can help guide you through the journey of adopting your child.


Adopting your stepchild may provide significant emotional, legal, and financial benefits. When a stepparent adopts, the stepparent has full parental status and is no longer considered a legal outsider or third party to the child. The stepparent adoption process is similar to other adoption processes but is typically faster and simpler. A home study is usually not required in a stepparent adoption. To learn more about the stepparent adoption process, click here to read our blog post. When you’re ready to proceed with the process, give us a call.


There are many reasons why a grandparent may need to adopt their grandchild. We understand that sometimes these reasons may be due to a difficult situation. Whether you have been the sole caretaker of your grandchild for a long period of time or if there has been an abrupt change in circumstances that suddenly requires you to take custody, we are here to help you ensure the protection of your grandchild.

Interstate and International

  • Interstate Adoptions: Adoption laws vary from state to state. In order for an interstate adoption to be legal, compliance with the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (I.C.P.C.) is required. This means that both states must agree to the adoption. Failure to comply can result in a failed adoption. If you are planning to adopt a child from another state, we can assist.
  • International Adoptions: An international adoption is when a person adopts a child from another country and brings them home. International adoptions require following many more laws and processes, including the laws of the country from where the child is being adopted, state law, and immigration law. There is typically a lot of research involved when planning to adopt internationally. Our adoption team can help you with learning more about specific restrictions, pre-adoption requirements, questions, and avoiding any complications associated with international adoptions.


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