​Unsecured collections for a creditor is a vital part of daily life if you are an active thriving business wanting to expand your market presence. Unsecured collections is a daily part of our lives. As a result, the planners can plan, the salesmen can sell, but the debtors do not always do what they promise. Collections can be successful without being stressful and upsetting, particularly when it becomes necessary to address legal matters. At Wilson & Associates, our attorneys are here to guide our clients through any turbulent times and provide the highest quality legal representation to address their needs. Our dedication to our clients guides us through each and every case as we strive to deliver the best possible outcome for our client.

Collection services offered by Wilson & Associates:

  • Counseling on systems and methods
  • Debtor contact
  • Collection of monies from debtors
  • Helping debtor appreciate the importance of having our clients receive the first monies and not the last funds remaining
  • Enforcement of Court Judgments and Orders
  • Payment agreements
  • Location, attachment and liquidation of assets to pay the debt to our clients

At Wilson & Associates, we begin each case with a thorough review of the underlying documents, followed by a discussion with the client on the options available to them. Once we have settled on the best course of action, our attorneys quickly get to work drafting legal documents, developing strategies for hearings, and taking steps to make sure our clients are well represented in their legal matter. Our licensed attorneys and legal assistants are driven by the desire to keep you informed of the progress of your claim, to achieve beneficial results for our clients and work hard to ensure all of their legal needs are met. Legal fees are reasonable and can be structured as contingent or hourly.

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